I dream in Batwoman

I dream in Batwoman
by Stephanie Westgate

I dream in Batwoman
in retconned to best self
in disappointing family
in not having to defect to the girls team
in not fighting when they paint my nails
in “tough guys wear pink” shirt
in tough guys wear pink shirt

in not being a zombie just to wear makeup
in not being a vampire just to sparkle
in Batwoman deals in more unnatural
(in disappointing family and pre-retcon expectations)
in becoming an icon untied to my name

Stephanie Westgate is a queer/trans poet from San Diego. Her work can be seen in Last Exit, the Acorn Review, and forthcoming in Madwomen etc. She writes her truth. At night she masquerades as Batgirl. Her social media accounts are private– ask to be her friend in real life.