issue one

issue one

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Wild Hemlock by Christina Collins
Nonprofit Night by Melissa Gutierrez
Polaroids of a Monster by Luke Dumas
Emergency by Ninamarie Ochoa
Following Water by Ella Decastro Baron


flash fiction

by Benjamin Woodard:

Creatures of Love
Old Friends
Everyone Needs a Kind Stranger to Listen to His Secrets



School Bus by Jan Saenz
Untitled by Zach VandeZande
Listing by Claire Hopple
Tomahawk by Hunter Gatewood



I dream in Batwoman by Stephanie Westgate (featured editorial apprenticeship work)
Mute by Katie Turner
Rationalizing my feels / The comfort i take / Outfit of the stop it now by Ana Carrete
Blessing over my Adolescent Son by Anna Abraham Gasaway
Kindness by Chris Baron
Horses When They Run by Jill Mceldowney
The Performance / Quadrupeds / Postcard by Adam Stutz
The First Technology by Brandon Amico
I hide inside my clothes and watch through the threads by Cortney Cassidy
Jealous of TV shows that get cancelled because I’d like to be cancelled too / “Visibly uncomfortable being around others” as a go-to cosplay outfit / Find what you love and then wait around while what you love ignores your texts by Brian Alan Ellis
Flying in Afghanistan by Sara Shah
Last Night I Dreamt  by Kevin Risner



issue one masthead

Editor & Founder:
Julia Dixon Evans is the author of the novel How to Set Yourself on Fire (Dzanc Books, 2018). Her work can be found or is forthcoming in McSweeney’s, Barrelhouse, Pithead Chapel, New York Tyrant Books, Hobart, San Diego CityBeat, and elsewhere. She is Senior Columns Editor for The Coil andNonfiction Editor for Noble / Gas Qrtrly, and writes the weekly Culture Report for Voice of San Diego. More at Twitter: @juliadixonevans

Senior Fiction Editor:
Ryan Bradford is the founding editor of Black Candies, a journal of literary horror and dark fiction. His work can be found in Paper Darts, Hobart, [PANK], Quarterly West and elsewhere, and he is a columnist for San Diego CityBeat. More at Twitter: @theryanbradford

Senior Poetry Editor:
Heather Sweeney earned an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at Naropa University in 2016 where she was the Allen Ginsberg Fellow.  Her chapbook Just Let Me Have This was published by Selcouth Station Press in the summer of 2018. Most recently, her poetry appears or is forthcoming in the tiny, Pidgeonholes, Pacifica Literary Review, The Hunger, Moonchild, Expat Press, Bad Pony, Bombay Gin, Summer Stock, and White Stag.  Currently, she lives in San Diego, California where she writes, does visual art, and teaches yoga.

Apprentice Poetry Editor:
Stephanie Westgate is a queer/trans poet from San Diego. Her work can be seen in Last Exit, the Acorn Review, and forthcoming in Madwomen etc. She writes her truth. At night she masquerades as Batgirl. Her social media accounts are private– ask to be her friend in real life.

Senior Nonfiction Editor:
Cassandra Marketos is a freelance writer. She is @cassiemarketos on Twitter.

Reader and Assistant-at-large:
Sean Rusev is …

The cover image for this issue was taken by Julia Dixon Evans
on a disposable camera for FEAR NO LIT.