Three Poems

Three Poems
by Ana Carrete


Rationalizing my feels

You cloak the negative
associate the isolated
quantify the invisible
lock the lamentation
and practice the rituals

when can we stop suffering?

let’s inspect the supernatural
quaking in this communal fever

summon yourself


The comfort i take

is tickling damp sand that chokes me
or a fist full of scratched cookies
so snickerdoodle me this one tonight
or better yet ~ahorita~
because i am alone
and it is unbelievable
how quickly i reclaimed
these potato chips


Outfit of the stop it now

Self-deprecation and sabotage
are the pretty ribbons i tied my braids with

even when everyday i want it down and wild
roomy and cozily unattached
i only feel comfortable
in this high ponytail

Ana Carrete is the author of Baby Babe, make-believe love-making, Sadmess, why-fi, and naíf y kawaii. All of her social media accounts are private. You can lurk her on the internet.